ClubsTHRIVE Program

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ClubsTHRIVE is open to all stage businesses.
Are you an early stage business with national aspirations?
Do you have unique insight to solve a big problem?
The ClubsTHRIVE Accelerator fast-tracks your business development to get you in market and investor-ready in 12 weeks.

Are you a Startup?

Clubs NSW has partnered with Slingshot to deliver a 12-week program designed to produce the business model, traction and investment you need to succeed. If you’re selected into the program in just 12 weeks ClubsNSW and Slingshot will help you to validate your business model, confirm you are developing a product or service customers want, build a minimum viable product (MVP) and demonstrate progress to advisors and investors.

The 12-week intensive curriculum covers:

  • Business modelling
  • Traction and customer insights
  • Branding and marketing
  • Financial modelling
  • Pitch coaching
  • Raising capital

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What is The Process?


What do we get?


Being a ClubsTHRIVE participant provides the potential opportunity to work with a large, engaged customer with over 1200 registered clubs servicing over 3 million members.

  • Selected participants receive up to $150,000 of investment and the opportunity to secure next round investment from ClubsNSW, the Slingshot Venture Fund and our investment partners (see investment terms below).
  • 12-week structured education program, led by industry experts, designed to get you investor ready
  • An additional 12-week incubation program for selected teams focused on driving results
  • Access to ClubsTHRIVE and Slingshot teams, as well as select ClubsNSW executives to secure a potential deal
  • Mentoring from industry experts, matched to you and your needs
  • Influential partner and champion backing
  • Access to international pool of investors
  • Invitations to community events
  • Branding and marketing support
  • Legal and financial advice from Slingshot
  • Inclusion in ClubsTHRIVE and Slingshot media and events



Seed Capital

Slingshot will provide an initial upfront investment of $50,000 for 10% equity in your business. Note: Funding will only be offered to successful shortlisted startups following the initial two week validation period.

Follow On from Slingshot

Unlike other programs, ClubsTHRIVE offers the potential for a further $100,000 of follow-on funding from the Slingshot Venture Fund. To access this funding, you will need to receive follow-on investment from three or more investors. Importantly, the follow-on funding is at a valuation set by your Startup with no discount.

Follow On from ClubsNSW

ClubsNSW, and individual clubs may look to invest in select businesses after the completion of the ClubsTHRIVE program. Any investment by ClubsNSW is at a 25% discount on the price of shares on offer during a qualifying capital raise.


Are you already in the market with product fit, customers and investment but want access to a large trusted corporate partner to help you scale quickly? ClubsTHRIVE can provide access to ClubsNSW’s 3 million members to help you rapidly scale.

The aim of the Scaleup program is to achieve a commercial agreement to take your business proposition or product to the expansive Clubs NSW membership without full-time commitment to a 12-week accelerator.

Are you a Scaleup?

A Scaleup business already has a product with market fit, customers, recurring revenue and early investment but want to collaborate with a large corporate to help you scale quickly.

The ClubsTHRIVE Scaleup program matches you with key decision makers to expedite your path to a commercial agreement with ClubsNSW.

Your eligibility will be judged on the following criteria:

  • Your business aligns to one of the ClubsTHRIVE themes
  • You are late seed and Series A+
  • You have an exceptional, committed and experienced team
  • You have a differentiated product in market, existing customer base with recurring revenue
  • You are seeking a national partnership to scale
  • You are capable of delivering a solution to Clubs NSW within 3 months of commencing the program
  • You have demonstrable traction (ARR of >$500K, growing 100%+ YoY)

Applications Closed



The ClubsTHRIVE program streamlines your potential path to a commercial deal with ClubsNSW.  This may be a to pilot to trial the solution with our people or customers, a commercial distribution agreement, a vendor partnership, or even an investment in your business.  The program provides:

  • Access to ClubsNSW executives, decision makers and industry experts
  • Access to ClubsNSW insights and data
  • Mentoring and coaching by some of the industry’s leading experts
  • Access to additional value provided by our strategic partners
  • Access to investors including participation at the Demo Day event
  • Inclusion in ClubsNSW media and events



  • Alignment to ClubsTHRIVE themes
  • Annual run-rate – year on year growth
  • Traction to date – including customer base and recurring revenue
  • Talent, commitment and experience of your team
  • Product differentiation
  • Ability to scale quickly and nationally


Given ClubsNSW’s deep connection to community matters and projects, there is opportunity for not-for-profits, social and community projects to apply. If your project aligns to one of the program themes and there is a potential commercial fit, then you have the opportunity to receive funding of up to $10,000 as well as access to the program curriculum and activities. You also have the potential to leverage all the other program value such as mentors, media, branding and connections.



Applications Closed