ClubsNSW represents more than 1000 member clubs and makes an important contribution to state and national policy direction, including the development of industry-specific legislation relating to alcohol, gambling, taxation, and industrial relations. In addition to these services, ClubsNSW executes media and PR communications, tailored training solutions, financial services, events, and responsible gambling services. 

The Associations purpose is to put the interests of clubs and their communities first.

  • 1000+ registered clubs in NSW 
  • Over 100 million visits to clubs each year
  • 64% of NSW clubs in regional areas
  • More than 6.7 million club memberships across NSW  
  • ClubsNSW contributes $3.7b per year. $1.3b of that is social contribution
  • Employs over 62,000 people  
  • Invested over $2 billion into new assets in the past ten years


“We are very pleased to be running this program again with ClubsNSW.  The talent that came through the first program was inspiring and with a renewed focus this year on high-growth Scaleups, we are keen to uncover even better businesses with greater commercial alignment.

ClubsTHRIVE is a testament to ClubsNSW’s deep commitment to transforming the club industry and generating relevant and innovative opportunities for future generations and we are proud to be associated with and facilitating that vision.”

– Craig Lambert, CEO & Founder, Slingshot

Slingshot is Australia’s leading provider of corporate innovation programs. Since 2013, Slingshot have run 21 programs with some of Australia’s leading organisations like HCF, News Corp, Qantas, Lion Clubs NSW and Caltex.

Through a repeatable and scalable engagement model, Slingshot programs combine the scale, resources and insights of Corporates, with the agility and innovation of Startups, Scaleups and intrapreneurs to drive long lasting commercial outcomes.



Slingshot is Australia’s leading corporate accelerator program, working with clients such as Qantas, Lion Group, Caltex, News Corp, HCF, SEEK, Hudson, ING Direct, Brisbane Airport Corporation, State and Federal Governments and UTS.

A Slingshot Accelerator provides both entrepreneurs and employees with the capital, mentorship, facilities and services that stimulate creativity and productivity. A Slingshot Accelerator is rigorous, rapid and can achieve dramatic commercial results.

  • 35 external and internal corporate accelerators since 2013
  • 150 Startups accelerated
  • $575M in Startup valuations
  • 84% Startup success rate
  • $135M capital raised by Startups
  • 33% of Startups received partnerships, trials and commercial agreements